Testimonials from our clients:
"iGPS is light years ahead of anything its competitors have on the drawing board."
"More than anything else we’ve done, iGPS is responsible for the irrevocable transformation of our organization."
"The IRIS software is a goldmine!"
"Through iGPS we have more information about the emotional state of our employees than any of our competitors. This information is more accessible and more detailed than even our financial information."
"In today's information-heavy world, IRIS has been the right tool for me to manage and maximize technical communication and sales efforts."
"With stratifications by demographic groups and question groupings, we can identify that a specific demographic group of employees on the second shift are in high stages of burnout and corporate disengagement. We got them together, solved their problem and moved on. Our turnover rates are 10 percentage points below the facilities around us. And our contract labor costs were reduced by $5 million/year instantly."
"This kind of tool can be put into action immediately, without integration. Your team can use it on the go or anywhere. The longer you wait, the more time you are putting off getting more potential clients into the pipeline."
Our Clients:
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Core Values:
ORDA maintains the highest level of professionalism and confidentiality. Our core values include integrity, creativity, family and work-life balance, exceeding expectations, compassion, and excellence.