Sales Support Software

Effectiveness of business development

Our productivity and planning software allows the business development and sales teams to greatly increase their effectiveness and boost results. Users can combine all their sources of target companies onto one map next to our custom targeted new leads.

The accuracy of every lead is independently verified, and new leads are added in real time when they open for business. The software can provide data on which cities offer the greatest potential for successful visits and allow for more effective travel planning.
High level of accuracy
Reports to measure success
Periodic reports give powerful evidence of successful efforts by the team, and data sharing between team members empowers them to accomplish more in less time.
  • Visualize all your customers on a map.
  • Get suggestions for highly targeted new leads and customers.
  • New leads are much more targeted than just key word search results
  • Update and access your target companies from your phone or tablet.
  • Custom, monthly reports on real-time progress of Business Development and Marketing achievements.
  • Get an edge over your competition with efficiencies and leads they cannot access.
Loaded with features

More effective travel

  • Increased efficiency in planning travel and sales calls.
  • Spend less time driving and traveling and more time contacting the right customers.
  • Improved accuracy around the results that are displayed on the maps.
  • Increased collaboration with co-workers leads to increased success with customers.
  • Fast and agile response to upgrades and issues.
  • Executive summaries tailored for your executives.
  • Vast cost savings from the full-time employees that do not need to be hired to produce and maintain this information.
Increased team collaboration